10 Amazing Benefits Of Digital Apparel Printing Technique

Textile art has begun thousands of years ago by the pre-industrial textile manufacturer. Now, the textile art has evolved extremely and there are various techniques available for representing artwork on fabric. Nowadays, digital textile printing technology is growing at a fast pace because of its enormous benefits.

It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the textile printing industry. Many textile printers have transformed from old fabric printing techniques to the latest technology digital printing methods. Here, in this article, we will discuss various benefits of digital apparel printing methods:

High-resolution Prints

The digital printing method allows you to print your design on fabric with high-resolution. The good quality prints on fabric look attractive and beautiful. Also, it allows you to use an unlimited amount of color combinations. In the case of digital printers, there is no limit on the maximum number of rotary screens.

Moreover, the digital apparel printing method needs less space as compared to the traditional rotary screen printing method. This latest technology printing technique requires less ink and power.

Thus, the digital printing technique helps in printing high-quality images on the fabric and also keeps the printing cost low.  The output printing images are clean and represent precise colors.  If you want to get a replica of the image on your fabrics, then digital printing is the best choice.

Reduce Energy and Water Requirements

In the case of digital printing, you do not need to wash the rotary screen. Also, you do not need to apply new colors. The digital printing technique needs very less power and water to print good quality images on fabric.

On the other hand, traditional printing methods require a huge amount of water and power. Moreover, the digital apparel printing technique utilizes less ink and thus reduces wastage.

In the screen printing technique, a huge amount of ink wastage occurs. Thus, digital apparel printing is an environmentally friendly technique for printing fabrics.

Reduced Printing Cost

As there is no need for screen engraving & color separation in the digital apparel printing technique, therefore, it reduces the cost of printing. Moreover, there is more control in the printing parameter in the case of digital apparel printing method.

Reduced Sample Cost

The digital apparel printing technique does not need a test screen to produce an individual pattern, therefore, you can take samples of prints at a very low cost. The digital printing technique is effective for small quantity orders. This technique helps you in printing any image of any size with different dimensions.

Quick Sampling & Fast Delivery

Digital printing allows fast sampling and helps in the completion of the process in a short period. The designs made by digital printing can be easily adjusted on spot. On the other hand, in the conventional printing technique, you have to change the rotary screens and it leads to a delay in the printing process.

Design As Per Demand

This technique allows you to print any design as the demand of the customers.  Therefore, manufacturers do not need to worry about stock risks. The garments printed by the latest technology digital printing technologies allow you to sell your product easily. People love garments with good quality prints.

Less Wastage

The droplets of ink are printed precisely; therefore, there will be no wastage of ink.  The less chemical wastage make digital printing technology eco-friendly. On the other hand, the screen printing technique leads to a huge amount of ink wastage.

Nickel Free Solution

Digital printing does not lead to the deposition of nickel over the fabric. It is one of the biggest advantages of digital apparel printing technique because nickel is very harmful to health. Nickel leads to chronic bronchitis, cancer, affect our lungs, and lead to the sinus. Thus, digital apparel printing does not lead to any harmful effects on health.

Repeat Same Design

You can print the same design for unlimited times by using the digital apparel printing method. It allows you to print various garments with the same prints. Therefore, this technique is good for t-shirt graphic printing, custom jersey printing, etc.

Low Investment & Good Result

The digital screen printing technique needs less investment as compared to the traditional printing technique. If you are going to run a start-up, then digital printing technology can help you to easily run your new business.

On the other hand, the traditional printing technique needs a huge amount of initial investment. The digital printing technique helps you to expand your business and take it to the next level of success.

Final Words

There are various benefits of digital apparel printing and some of them are described above. The digital printing method is comparatively better than other traditional printing techniques.

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