What can you do to market yourself during a pandemic?

What if I told you that your business can upgrade marketing during a pandemic? And just from the comfort of a home recliner?

The world has been shaken by the coronation crisis, after which nothing will be as it once was. The same is true in marketing, where the end of a pandemic will bring about inevitable changes.

The current world situation and the pandemic have changed the business of many companies. Some find it more difficult to adapt, but others are already used to doing similar work from home and remote business. Digital marketing is extremely important during a pandemic and helps to maintain awareness of your business, so it is worth investing in.

A global Kantar survey found that during the pandemic, web browsing increased by 70% and social media interactions by as much as 61%. The Drum reports that 14% of advertisers have already moved their traditional advertising resources online. This will certainly be followed by others who are thinking carefully about the future and are already preparing for it.

Will your company be one of them? Read in a blog post why divert marketing assets to digital channels and how digital marketing can reach its full potential during a pandemic?

While the coronavirus pandemic continues, entrepreneurs are struggling to navigate the open waters and do their jobs as smoothly as possible. The fact is that most businesses around the world have had to adapt to changing consumer habits and maintain brand awareness, consumer interest, and business operations in these uncertain times.

How can your company do this? We reveal below.

Change the way and business hours of your business work on the website, Google, and social networks

Even before embarking on the path (upgrade) of digital marketing during a pandemic, a few more technical issues need to be addressed.

Update Google Hours Google My Business provides free customer contact, which includes everything from business hours, your business location, direct messaging, and a link to your site. A Google Account is necessary – if you don’t have one, it’s almost like you don’t exist. Data needs to be relevant, so updated working hours are the first necessary thing to do.

In doing so, keep in mind the updated information on the website and social networks. Let your customers know what the opening hours are, how you do business during those times, and who they can contact if they have any questions.

Now that the technical issues are settled, it’s time to tackle (upgrade) digital marketing during a pandemic. The following is a summary of what you can do in this area today.

Initially, it will be necessary to analyze all the marketing activities so far and then start to improve. We will first focus on content marketing and how you can improve it during a pandemic.

Start with content marketing

At a time when your business is undergoing some changes, it is crucial to keep your followers interested by regularly posting interesting content. We have already written about how important a piece of marketing is to good content.

Content marketing has always been a successful marketing move that has been unobtrusively accompanying customers throughout the marketing funnel. With good content, you can “cover” direct sales, educate followers about your business and offer, and encourage them to buy.

Content marketing is even more important during a pandemic. It is practically the only link with customers, so it is worth investing in a portion of your marketing resources. Some companies produce content within their team, while others turn to digital agencies for help.

Whatever option you choose, the rules for good content remain:

Harness the power of social networks

I assume your business has an account activated on at least one of the platforms. Otherwise, read how to pick the most appropriate social network as fast as possible and start communicating.

Do you think the nature of your social networking work does not need it? Let me assure you that this is almost a necessity today in a pandemic. He only remembers the initial statistics – an increase in social media interactions of 61% – and thinks of where people spend the most time these days. Right, on social media! These are a great and simplest way to communicate directly with your customers. We use the weeks ahead of us to upgrade our posts across platforms and overtake our competitors with personalized topical content, which is usually used by social networks to promote their brand.

Of course, communication during the pandemic also needs to be adapted on social networks. In doing so, watch the right tone of communication, include personalization, and keep in mind the quality content that will appeal to your followers. Keep up-to-date on social platforms with all current information, changed business conditions, and different business hours. He uses the weeks we spend at home to build our connection with trackers. Preparation of the publication in which you increase user involvement (Eng. Engagement ) and user of effort to create a loyal community of followers who will stand by and be encouraged in these times.

Keep your customers informed regularly

As I mentioned earlier, keep customers regularly informed of all relevant information about your services – everything from delivery delays, delivery problems to stock shortages. This will give customers the feeling that you are not hiding anything and that they can trust you.

Make the most of today’s technology to inform your customers – you can reach them through social networks, e-mail news, and websites.

Engage employees

With social media posts, you want to reach as many people as possible. Let me give you a tip on how to increase your reach. Engage all team members to share your content on their social networks as well. This will also address their followers and the general public, who will be familiar with the operation and (business) story of your business.

Sharing posts on social media benefits the entire team, thereby enhancing brand engagement, as well as followers who gain authentic insights into the brand and address its current challenges.

Bonus tip: I recommend that you use the social networking site where the audience you want to reach is held to share posts.

Create a content plan

Posting on social networks is undertaken systematically. Your content plan helps ensure that your content is up-to-date and relevant to the situation. At the same time, the plan provides consistency for the content and provides insight into the tasks of all employees involved in the creation.

A content plan helps you stay abreast of trends and take advantage of its benefits. In addition to the draft social media posts, the attributes on which platforms the post will be posted, and when you publish it, determine the content type (video, photo, or audio). Now is a great opportunity to upgrade your existing content type and refine your content plan with new content delivery methods.

Introduce new content type

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your content marketing. Introduce new content types. Which content you choose depends on your current marketing activities. If your business does not yet have such advanced digital marketing, it is not necessary to jump into webinar design right away. To get started, make a simple video with helpful tips, a blog article, or a success story. In doing so, help out with a post explaining how to write a good blog every time you try.

Either way, you upgrade your content, it’s important to offer readers educational value. In uncertain times, we are in, we spend more time at home than usual, so a lot of new things are done, which includes online education.

Bonus tip: On social networks, you can ask the followers and ask them what content they want to see in the future. This will give you a sense of involvement, and you will receive a wealth of new ideas that you can use creatively.

Focus on SEO content optimization

During a pandemic, marketing can be elevated to a higher stage with an optimized website.

We use the term SEO optimization when referring to the technical and content management of a website that, through sophisticated search terms, is ranked in higher search positions.

It is worth taking the time to update your website optimization as it will pay off. A well-optimized page will put Google in a higher search position, making it easier for people to track their content. It is a somewhat lengthy process, so we spend weeks at home upgrading our website with SEO optimization. Optimize these 7 tricks for optimization.

Bonus Tip: You can search for the most popular search terms on Moz or Google Trends – the latter provides insight into the search requirements of users around the world.

Update or introduce e-mailing

Email marketing (still) is a good marketing practice that can be personalized and can maintain a somewhat more intimate relationship with our contacts. I advise you to update your e-mail news according to your current situation. If your business does not send newsletters, think about it, as research shows that as many as 49% of customers want to receive promotional content from their favorite brand.

Oberlo states that 50% more people open an email if the subject is personalized (Ana, see how you can improve marketing during a pandemic). What besides personalization defines an e-mail that people will want to read? The attractive graphic image, appropriate communication tone, interactive content, working hyperlinks, and a prompt to tell the reader what we want from him (e.g., for more information, see the link.).

Bonus Tip: Wondering how you can further improve your email marketing pandemic? Now you have the time to finally refine your email list! Our team can help you with that.

Invests in digital advertising

At the outset, we realized that marketing pandemic funds make sense to shift to digital advertising, where your customers are likely to be. Thus, advertising will help you reach potential customers, increase the visibility of your business, promote your product/service, and generally ensure that your business is not forgotten. You must use famous social media channels like Instagram. If you have low followers then buy Instagram Followers UK for better experience.

If you are already an overweight cat in digital advertising, you have definitely updated your campaigns, modified them to fit the situation, or terminated them completely. What else can you do in the coming weeks?

  • Properly update the tone of communication and make sure it is in line with other channels on social networks.
  • Upgrade and update search keywords (keywords) that may have changed slightly in the pandemic.
  • Make sure your ads are showing appropriately on all devices (including computers that are on the rise now).
  • Make sure your landing pages are up to date (including opening hours, delivery times, and delivery times).
  • Review and, if necessary, modify KPIs to reflect their current situation.
  • Of course, keeping in mind the day-to-day monitoring of analytics that gives you insight into the performance of your work and campaigns and the monitoring of consumer behavior – how current events affect their habits, what problems they face, and whether your business can help them.
  • Take the opportunity and time to design new campaigns that you always wanted to do, but that was never enough time.
  • Test different factors in your ads (different companion text, photos, and prompts) to see what works best.

Ask buyers for their opinion

As we have already noted, personalization is a trend that marks 2020. Consumers are particularly pleased with the small attention spans during the pandemic. We have already talked about the personalized subject of email news. Now you have a great opportunity to move on. Take the time and contact customers. Ask them for their opinion on their satisfaction with the company/product.

Evaluate how best to do this based on the nature of your business – whether by email, video call software, or surveys. So they will see that your business can listen to them and appreciate their opinion.

During a pandemic, marketing is of the utmost importance as it is the only link with customers. It is true, many entrepreneurs are thinking about how to survive today, but the planning of tomorrow is not to be forgotten. It is necessary to look to the future, think about the long-term consequences for the company, and introduce changes in marketing today. Help our free webinar to help you reach your full potential in digital marketing during a pandemic.



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