No Website, No Gain: Heres Why You Should Have a Website

In the business world, the benefits of having a website are increasingly evident. The online presence allows that when the day’s operations are finished, the doors of your company remain open so that interested people can find it and get to know it virtually, regardless of where in the world they are. This way you guarantee a positive impact on your sales.

Besides, having a portal gives you credibility with potential clients, while allowing you to build a direct communication channel with your clients and related parties, so that they know their products, services, and news.

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What is SEO eaten with?

Based on the fact that your business requires a portal designed and thought strategically, your next step is to direct the people you are interested in to visit it. This is where search engines or search engines enter that, according to their algorithms, collect web information and provide it to users in order of relevance.

That is what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is for, which is defined as the positioning or the place in which your business appears in the search engine results when a person investigates keywords related to your business.

In the Dominican Republic there are just over 8.2 million accounts with internet access (Indotel, 2019), and, according to figures from the Central Bank, in 2019 Dominicans carried out e-commerce transactions for RD $ 5, 935 million internationally and of RD $ 1, 805 million nationwide.

You want a piece of that cake, but your online presence alone is not enough.

For your website to operate in favor of their businesses, it must be associated with a strategy based on Inbound Marketing, a methodology that will allow you to reach the people who are at the beginning of a purchasing process and, through non-intrusive techniques, will accompany you until achieving customer loyalty.


In the first stage, social networks, blogging, and content marketing work as hooks that attract users to your website where they will find content specially designed for them, and familiarize you with your products.

The second step is conversion, in which call to action techniques, placement of ads in digital media, and methods for capturing data from potential customers are applied.


In the education and closing phase, the records of your clients are graded and the database is matured. Here it is vital to properly identify the leads that are most interesting from a business point of view.

A marketing agency can advise you in identifying lead scoring and lead nurturing actions with automation software specially designed for it so that you receive valuable data for decision-making.

Other actions are typical of this phase with the sales campaigns, follow-up actions to the shopping cart, and the likes of articles on the portal.

In the Loyalty phase, the potential consumer acquires one of your services or products and becomes a regular customer of your business. Sounds good, right?

To reach this level, it must first be understood that the ideal relationship with the client does not end with the purchase, but must continue until we have gained ambassadors of our brand who can recommend it to other people. Furthermore, these people are a source of information. valuable.

At this stage, exclusive offers for VIP clients, point programs, gifts, and even personalized messages are registered on important dates.

A web page will be your ally so that your business grows and positions itself among your clients. This, because it will become the focal point for the deployment of an Inbound Marketing strategy that allows you to expand your audience considerably and make the client’s ambassadors of your business through effective loyalty actions.

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